What happens if you tow a vehicle with automatic transmission? Expect severe damage to the transmission. If your car has an automatic transmission and requires towing, make sure to call our Valley Village towing service.

At Anna’s Towing Roadside Service, we will pull your car without involving the transmission. When you do call our service, make sure to inform our technician beforehand. In that way, we can bring the right tools to towing your car.

When towing an automatic car, there are many things to consider.

An automatic transmission requires hydraulic pressure to work. Without that pressure, there are no internal components that can be applied to make it work. In that case, there is no clutch burning out while it is being towed.

But towing can still damage your car. It still depends on what kind of car you have. That’s why it is vital to check your car’s handbook. You may need to add fluid to the transmission. Other cars, however, cannot be towed at all.

Valley Village towing service
When our clients call us to request a towing service, one of the many questions we ask is the car’s transmission. In that way, we can bring the right truck to properly tow your vehicle.

Handle Any Job

One of the things that separate us from other towing services is that we have the tools that can handle any type of job and take care of our client’s vehicle like it is our own.

Cars are an expensive investment. We deal with luxury cars regularly but we also cater to regular sedans. No matter what type of car that needs to be towed, you can expect our experienced technicians to be there at the scene quickly.

When you choose our towing service in Valley Village, you can be sure that you are hiring a great service at amazing prices. Our towing services are versatile enough to be categorized as world-class.

It does not matter where your car is stuck. We can pull it out of ditches through our winching tools. Our company is equipped with heavy-duty equipment for any large vehicles.

Regardless of the reason, your car is stuck, our towing equipment can get your car to a repair shop for proper fixing.

Don’t just hire any towing service when you are in Valley Village. Make sure to call our friendly staff for some help. We treat your car with respect. The last thing you want to see is your vehicle sustaining some scratches or great damage after towing.

Call and hire our Valley Village towing service today for some assistance: (818) 691-3008.