When you’re involved in a car accident, you may feel confused and dazed. Everything seems to be happening at once.

You’re facing questions from the other driver, law enforcement wants to know what happened and you’re worried about whether your insurance policy will cover the accident. Additionally, you may need towing services to remove your car from the scene.

You have a right to choose a towing service

A tow truck or two will often arrive at the accident scene. They may show up unsolicited after hearing about the accident on a scanner. Just as you wouldn’t use just any body shop for car repairs, you have a right to make a choice when it comes to the towing service to use.

Towing Service

Whether or not there is a tow truck on the site, you can choose a towing service that suits your needs best. Santa Clarita Towing is a well-respected, reliable towing company that will treat your emergency as though it’s theirs. They will treat your vehicle with the respect it deserves.

Know your insurance policy

Know what your insurance policy covers and make sure you review your policy from time to time. Many policies include roadside assistance coverage. This may include the cost of towing, although coverage is likely to have a maximum number of miles for towing.

If you don’t have coverage for towing on your insurance policy, other places, like AAA, may offer such a benefit. If you want a towing service with courteous, professional drivers, who are trained to answer your questions and handle situations quickly and efficiently, try a Grenada towing service.

What should you look for in a towing service?

First of all, you want to towing service that is licensed, insured and bonded and has been in the industry for long enough to have the necessary experience.

You want a towing service with the right equipment that will respond speedily to a call so you can quickly get help to tow your vehicle from the spot of the accident. Call West Hollywood Towing for a quick response. They provide 24-hour service every day, so it does not matter when the accident happens.

You also don’t want to find out that you’re charged excessively because you haven’t had a clear understanding of all the fees involved.

A Reseda towing service will make sure you understand the costs involved and give you an invoice with all the necessary details to provide to your insurance company for reimbursement if your insurance covers towing.  They can tow all types of vehicles, whether it’s a car, truck or motorcycle.

Contact Tow Service Nearby

Santa Clarita Towing will promptly respond to your request for towing by sending a well-equipped, tow truck within minutes. We currently have a fleet of seven tow trucks and they’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We monitor them by satellite and quickly dispatch them throughout the Santa Clarita Valley and its surrounding areas.  Call us at 818-691-3008 for immediate service.