It might not have happened to you yet. But, soon, it will. That is, during a heavy snowfall, your vehicles can lose traction. As a result, you get stuck in the snow. It is one of the reasons many people would call Valley Village towing service. You may press down the accelerator. But it will not do any good. In fact, it will only result in wasted gas. So, how can you escape if your car is stuck in the snow?

Do Not Rev the Engine

Most drivers’ reaction would be to rev their engine when they are stuck in the heavy snow. But it is a bad idea. For one, spinning your tires will only result in digging them deeper in the snow. Worse, it could damage your vehicle. Instead of hard pressing the accelerator, place it in the lowest gear. Then, try to back up slowly .before you move forward. Repeating this process for a few times will help your vehicle in getting traction.

Get Out of Your Car

Now if the moving backward and forward did not work, you can try getting to the source. You need to get out of your car. But you must put in park and the emergency brake must be on. Once you are out, you might wish to clear out the extra snow around your tires. Remove as much snow as possible to increase traction. If you have a bag of sand, you can place it under the front tires. They are typically powered by the engine. Doing so will give your card additional pulling power.

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Do Not Drive

During heavy snowfall, it is best to just stay home. In that way, you can avoid getting your vehicle stuck in the snow. However, if you need to go out, make sure that you alert your family members where you are heading. In that way, if anything goes wrong, they know where you were going. Now, if you are not confident about driving during adverse weather, you must not drive through. If
you are already on the road, you may wish to slow down. Pull off the road while you wait for the snow to subside. While you wait for the condition to get better, make sure that your lights are on. Doing so will make your car more visible. Then, make sure that you have extra washer fluid. In this way, if you run low, you can just refill it.

Call Village Valley Towing Service

If all else fails, call our towing service. Anna’s Valley Village towing service will send you roadside service technicians to pull your car out of the heavy snow. Our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Thus, no matter what day it is or what time it
is, if you are stuck, you know that our team will be there for you. Make sure that you save this number (818)691-3008 on your phone in case you need a Valley Village towing service.