Our Valley Village towing drivers encounter a lot of challenges while they assist our clients. We understand that it is a hazardous job. That’s why we do not hire just anyone for it. Rather, we train our drivers and technicians first.

Valley Village Towing When Navigating the Road

It is challenging to navigate on the roads while pulling or towing a car. It requires exceptional driving skills to navigate effectively on the roads.

Valley Village Towing
What is even more difficult here is when it is raining as the roads are slippery or there are potholes or flood. Our drivers know how to survive in this kind of situation. We trained them to properly navigate in this kind of circumstance.

When Facing Bad Weather

Every motorist knows how difficult it is to drive in harsh weather conditions. It interferes with vehicle control. It also hampers vision.

Our drivers find it challenging to drive a tow truck with another car mounted on the flatbed or being towed. However, you can trust our technicians to do their job in properly towing or mounting your car in our vehicle. They are trained and have years of experience in this situation to safely tow your car and transport them to a safer place.

Bad Drivers on the Road

Unfortunately, we are not the only drivers on the road. Each time we transport our clients’ cars to the desired destination, we sometimes meet some poor drivers who are careless. These are drivers who do not mind other motorists on the road.

But our drivers are trained to be patient. They are knowledgeable and expert in handling this kind of situation.

Even when they are in heavy traffic, they know how to navigate properly for the safety of your car and other motorists.

How to Deal with Fatigue

It is one of the many concerns of our clients. They know that our towing service is available 24/7. What if our drivers had to assist a client and towed his car in the wee hours, would our drivers become sleepy while driving?

We understand this concern. However, we do not allow our drivers to be driving our towing vehicle if they lack sleep or are tired. That’s why we provide them with long break hours so they could rest properly before they go back to work.

Our goal here is to safely tow your car and transport them to a shop or anywhere you wish us to drop your car. We will not compromise the quality of our work by allowing our drivers to assist you when they are tired or had an insufficient amount of sleep.

Instead, our drivers are working in shifts. And we make sure that when they come to work, they are fully active and awake.

We are committed to providing you the best towing service. And the only way to do that is to ensure that our technicians are healthy and active while they are at work.

No matter what vehicle you wish to tow, you can count on our Valley Village towing Drivers service to assist you at any time of the day. Give us a call at (818) 691-3008.