Running out of gas is a common problem for some drivers. But you can avoid it by monitoring the gas tank level on your dashboard. However, if you forgot to fill up the tank, don’t worry as Valley Village towing service of Anna’s Towing is here to help.

What Should You Do If You are Out of Gas while in the Middle of the Road?

One of the common reactions of many drivers is when they see that their gas tank level is empty is to panic. But don’t be. Instead, you must pull over to a safe area.

Pull Over

Of course, it is not always easy to drive your car off the road when you hear the out-of-gas warning. The first thing you must do is to turn the hazard lights on. These lights will notify other drivers that you are having trouble with your vehicle and they will give way.

Valley Village Towing service
Then, put your car into neutral before stepping out of it. Next, push your car until you reach the shoulder of the road. Apply the emergency brake after getting in a safe spot. Do not switch off the hazard lights yet.

Call Valley Village Towing

After you put the car in a safe area, you should immediately call our towing service. Anna’s Towing roadside service offers 24/7 emergency service.

Even if you are near a gasoline station, it is not ideal to leave your car on the road. Instead of going to the gas station yourself, contact our team right away.

We will send our team instantly after you call. Our technicians will refill your gas tank so you can be on your way in no time.

One of the problems that you might encounter in this scenario is that your phone’s battery is low. If it is the case, when you reach our line, make sure to identify yourself and your location immediately.

In that way, if you are disconnected, we know where your location is and we will dispatch our team immediately.

Call for Help

Our towing service Valley Village is the go-to roadside service of many residents here. We are always a phone call away. We offer fuel delivery if your car runs out of gas. A quick call to our emergency hotline will give you the assistance that you need. In that way, you will be on the road in no time.

Call our Valley Village towing through (818)-691-3008.