Valley Village towing recommends not to drive in the rain. However, in some cases, it is necessary. During this time, the road surfaces are slippery because of the water. As a result, many vehicles hydroplane unintentionally. And it could lead to collisions.

But it is not the only problem.

Keep in mind that water could damage your vehicle, especially if they are in excess. It could lead to engine failure.

If your engine failed in the rain, it is ideal to immediately call Valley Village towing service, like Anna’s Towing Road Side Service.

While waiting for the roadside assistance, though, make sure to heed to these tips:

Valley Village Towing Tips On How To Call Roadside Assistance When It’s Raining

Pull Over

If you notice that something is awry with your vehicle, you need to pull over. It can be that your braking system is malfunctioning or the engine light is on.

When pulling over, start to adjust your brake and prevent hydroplaning.

As you pull over, maintain a safe distance from other vehicles.

When you drive in the rain, you must have a slower speed. In that way, you can easily pull over when it is deemed necessary.

After you stop, you must make sure that your hazard lights are on before you call Valley Village Towing service.

Turn On Hazard Lights

It is vital to remain visible. That’s why it is integral that you turn on the hazard lights, as well as the side lights. However, you must avoid putting them in full beams. In that way, you will not impair other drivers who are driving on that road.

Another way to remain visible is to use a visibility vest. It is beneficial if you need to wait outside your car while waiting for roadside assistance.

Avoid Opening The Hood

Most drivers would have the tendency to open their car’s hood to find out what is causing the engine trouble.

Although it is acceptable when there is no rain, you must not do it during heavy rains. The reason for this is that excessive moisture can negatively affect the electrical and engine components of your vehicle.

The best thing that you can do here is to keep it shut. Then, call a towing service if you are in Valley Village.

Now, if you drive, accidentally, through deep water, your car’s engine might shut off. If that happens, never try to restart it.

Keep in mind that water intake could damage its engine. The water intake could damage your car’s rods and valves. Thus, restarting it will do more damage.

If you are in this situation, make sure to call roadside assistance right away. At Anna’s Towing Roadside Assistance, we encourage drivers to save our number (818)691-3008..

In that way, if they need roadside assistance, they can immediately call our Valley Village towing service. Our team will be there right away.

Our Valley Village towing service offers reliable roadside assistance. We respond to our clients’ calls immediately and we are available 24/7: (818)691-3008.